Grand Central Forum 2019

Resolving business disputes: Are there converging international standards?

Duarte Henriques will be speaking during the Grand Central Forum 2019 on “converging international standards”.

“Panelists will explore whether recent developments in international commercial arbitration and the creation of international business courts in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, and other key cities reflect a convergence of international standards. To what extent do they promote fairness, efficiency, and flexibility while borrowing from different legal traditions, as opposed to simply replicating the common law tradition? Panelists will discuss topics, such as (i) access to evidence and witnesses, (ii) predictability in the time frame, (iii) experience of arbitrators and judges, (iv) role of lawyers as both zealous advocates and “officers of the court,” and (v) costs reflecting the expectations of users.

The Grand Central Forum is being held in July this year so that summer associates who are interested in international arbitration can attend. We encourage our member firms to make this event part of their summer program.”